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Dr. Pot Liquor

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is devoted to providing psychoeducational knowledge to elevate, wisdom to heal and nourish, while celebrating culture and faith without shame or shade of our differences to help you get unstuck.

What is Pot Liquor?

What is Pot Liquor?

In case you are wondering what "pot liquor" is or what does it have to do with self help, let me first clarify that it has nothing to do with cannabis or alcohol. 

Pot liquor describes the liquid which remains after stewing beans and or greens in the bottom of the pot. It is a rich consume, full of nutrients which contains the essential and concentrated flavors of the dish. Around the world this broth is consumed under different names, dashi, consume, and from the Southern American Tradition- Pot Liquor.  It can be used as a nutritious elixir, a laxative, or as just something light to consume in a hurry; while it may not be a full meal, it is a fulfilling start towards healing the voids within us. The name Pot Liquor became a metaphor for the "shot of verbal healing" I aspired to dish up on the weekly, 30 min podcast. It's not a full course of therapy, but hopefully is enough to give the listener some self love, self acceptance, self care, self parenting in order to have stamina to embrace the future while detoxing and let go of the past with a little more pep in one's step to reach one's fullest potential in various areas of life.

Each episode is seasoned with a little inspiration and faith needed to reach goals and have the courage to be who we were meant to be  so we can reflect God's love for ourselves and our communities. Growing up, I loved consuming pot liquor and the healing conversations around the table of my loved ones. It's in that spirit of free access to soul healing that I hope you are helped and enjoy the Dr. Pot Liquor Podcast so you can get unstuck, go and grow, and Win Now.  


Just as Pot Liquor is not a recommendation or substitute by Dr. LaJoi Lewis or guests of the Dr. Pot Liquor Podcast as medical or dietary advice, neither is the content of the podcast a substitute for individualized therapy and/or mental health support. Partaking in the podcast is for the listener's inspirational, informational and entertainment purposes only. Even though Dr. Joi has an educational background in Clinical Psychology, listening to the podcast does not substitute nor insinuate the existence of a patient/therapist relationship.


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